Lead Generation Services / PPC / SEM : The central activity for Digital marketing is lead generation. Businesses need to increase leads and conversions ever increasingly to meet the CARG growth. Online lead generation leverages the paid search opportunity provided by the search engines to produce desired results instantly. These take the adwords route to produce instant results and drive traffic to the website thereby increasing the leads and resulting in higher conversions. We specialize in Video, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Call, Mobile Search, General ads along with Behavioral and contextual targeting.

Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services in Bangalore

At Access1Solution, we focus on the following strategies:

Driving Organic Traffic : On-Page and Off-Page Optimization drives traffic to your website based on relevant keywords, because of which the website positions on the first page increasing the visibility and helping in lead generation.
Pay-Per-Click : Using Google Adwordsas an important tool we can target a specific target to run local ads.
Blog Writing : Content is very important for SEO and hence we focus in blog writing to keep the website fresh and portray the domain knowledge to the users, thereby increasing the branding and resulting in higher conversion.
Banner Ads : Quick and effective way to drive users to the website.
Email Marketing : E Mail marketing is a very effective tool to increase traffic to the website.
Benefits of Lead Generation Services / PPC / SEM for your Business:
• Determine pricing on a per lead basis
• Choose the product or service they wish to offer to prospects
• More customers
• Select the geographical area that the business is interested in
• Control the number of leads a business wishes to receive per month (this assists with budgeting)
Pay only for the leads that are received. Contact Us