Pay Per Click Advertising: Driving traffic to the website is one of the most important objectives in Digital Marketing. We can achieve instant results by investing in pay per click or known as PPC. Pay Per Click advertising takes your visibility to a whole new level. Our search engine advertisements are specifically geared towards increased conversions for your business.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising in Bangalore

At Access1Solution, we focus on the following strategies:

Ad Design leading to Action : Ads are designed keeping in mind the end result and the action the user can take by looking at the ad. The end objective of a good design would be to divert the user to the landing page or website by leading him to the call to action button.

Targeting : We can easily target the lookalike audience and target the users based on their age, gender, location etc using appropriate tools for Ad planning.
Ad Precession : Maximum traffic is generated by precisely adding specific links in the ad.
Ad Budget : In depth, competitor analysis would help in optimizing the ad spend leading to maximum traffic.

A/B Testing : Multiple ads of the same campaign can be created and tested for maximum results based on A/B testing. This will help in understanding the usage of patterns by measuring the results on various parameters.


Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising for your Business : 

Small initial investment : There is no fee to set up an account and you pay only when clicks on your ad.

Set your own budget : Plan your budget as per sales goal, this helps from going over budget.

Strengthens company’s brand : There can be no better form of communication other than internet and is the best means through which a company can benefit with Pay-Per-Click.

Instant gratification : There is the instant result with PPC as only those interested will click on the ad.

Real-time Trackability : We make sure the PPC campaign stays effective by tracking the keywords, which ads bring in traffic and has highest conversion rate, and required changes can be made immediately.

National exposure : Since Google and Yahoo reach the majority of internet users, having a Pay Per Click ad on these will ensure that your site is getting out there.

Increase local visibility : Even if your clientele is exclusively local, PPC can be very effective if we keep in mind the what the site traffic is based on.

Honest-to-goodness marketing : Either you are new in the market or just want people to know who you are PPC serves all this purpose, as Pay Per Click Advertising ads are posted at the top and right side of search engine results page which very easily draws one’s attention. Contact Us